Monday, October 31, 2005

Amber's archive

"Let Harper shoot the fry"
-said during a football game trying to let a friend shoot the tee shirt shooter

"it's like lingerie that missed the point"
-said by Brady referring to Shanda Yarbrough's bowling outfit.

"Am I deaf?! I think I'm so loud that I've made myself deaf!"
-spoken by my friend allison while trying to figure out why she has trouble hearing other members of her small group

Amber's additions

10.31- insult

"NO WAY!!!!!
You know what itunes is?"

-told to me by a TAMS student when I suggested looking something up on itunes

Obviously I am THAT old

10.31- McConnell Hall

"Mary Kayyyyyyy, I'm Mary Kayyyyyy!!!!!!!"

-by a man dressed as a flambouant Mary Kay saleswoman in McConnell Hall