Saturday, January 31, 2009

1.31- highway crazy

"Were those real dogs?"

-My mom, who has been recently prone to hallucinations, making sure all was "right" with the world before she turned around to go pick up some lost dogs.

1.31- crazy house

If we can’t laugh about this then we would all just sit around and cry.

Amber on if I should post funny sayings from my mom's "crazy" spells.

I post this to give you a small insight into how we have been getting through these past 6 months dealing with my mom who, diagnosably so, turned crazy for a while.

Friday, January 30, 2009

1.30- Michigan

"Maybe it is not a good idea to compare their food to what was said of Pearl Harbor."

Ross Appleton's cautionary advice to Dave Furman after he publicly thanked the host of large gathering by telling them that their chicken pot pie will live on in infamy in his mind.

1.30- Carroll's house

Music is the white man's basketball. Everyone thinks they are a future NBA star, but only 10 ever make it.

-Ashleigh Carroll watching American Idol

Thursday, January 29, 2009

1.29- Hill House

Brenden: Good night Magical Brady.

Trey: Why do you call him Magical Brady?

Brenden: Becaaaaaause....he's maGICAL.

Brenden Hill (5 yr) defiant of my teachings that I am only to be referred to "illusional Brady"

1.29- undisclosed location

Seriously?! It's dated December 29, 2008.

Anonymous person wondering what might happen after he ACTUALLY takes the office.

1.28- Watching the Olympics

Person 1: Why does he gets another chance?

Person 2: He doesn't.

Person 1: Oh, that’s a different Chinese dude.

People watching the Olympics who succeeded in proving their own stereotype while stereotyping others...8 points for difficulty.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1.28.09 (because I'm happy and I know it)

"I need to get your John Henry on this letter before I send it out."

Brad Koehn's office mate who failed his American History 101, Folklore of the American 19th century, and Great Songs by Johnny Cash classes.

1.28.09- Daskam house

Then down from the chimney comes Jack Bauer Clause with a bag full of torture.

-Brian Daskam on the "Jack Bauer clause" referred to by the NPR chics regarding Obama's new "don't interrogate the terrorists too hard" foreign policy unless of course it is a high power terrorist and the threat is imminant.

1.28.09 (part deux) -Daskam kitchen

"A period piece is always a chic flick unless the period happens to be the future."

-Brian Daskam refuting Amber's comment that the new Kate Winslet movie is not a chic flick.

1.28.09- on my phone

"Its part of his bipartisan support thing. Feeling the need to give a nod to the right wingers who deny global warming, he "let" the warming cease for a day."

Kevin Roden answering my question as to why Obama would let it get so cold today