Tuesday, February 28, 2006

2.28- Jeff's house

"it smells like bundt in here!!"

-Jeff exclaimed as he came home to the wonderful smell of the bundt cake we affectionately call "The Cake" cooking.

-sent in by Jeff Brown
always appreciated, Love and Kisses- The Quote Farm

Sunday, February 26, 2006

2.26- at a theatre

"I thought your motto was 'the show must go on' ?"

-after driving an hour to a play and being told that a play was canceled b/c the lead lost her voice.

Friday, February 24, 2006

2.24- Gloria's office

"Peeps season is upon us!"

-Gloria, unfortunately feeling the need to proselytize to me that her favorite seasonally carried, artificially colored, teeth rotting, completely tasteless, marshmallowy maddening treats are currently being carried in stores.

2.24- my office

"Big Poppa Nizzel"

-a TAMS student's response to what rap star name he would pick if MTV's "Made" chose him to be made into a rapper at a recent "Made" audition here at TAMS.


-when asked if I would sign his permission sheet to audition to become the first Indian Gangsta Rapper from Frisco... "Big Poppa Nizzel"

Thursday, February 23, 2006

2.23- the cup

-"its a dream!!"
-"it is the greatest thing to happen to reading since light"
-"that has got to be the laziest thing I have ever seen"

-all things said about my newly bought book holder. I have never been so excited about doing something with "no hands" since I first rode a bike sans-manos.

2.23- at Dave's house

"there has got to be a Gospel illustration here somewhere"

-Dave upon finding that the cure to his four day ordeal of having burned tongue pain was the Ora-gel that he had in his cabinet the whole time, all he had to do was ask for help.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

2.16- in the hall

"there was a girl in my high school that looked like Chewbacca"

-a student taking "one-upping" to a new level when she heard someone say that there was an albino at her high school while watching The Princess Bride and seeing the Albino character.

sent in by Gloria
always appreciated.
the Quote farm

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

2.15- a retraction

"the correct quote is: "Thursday night, where's your bike? We own the road" "

-sent in as a correction to the quote on 2.3.
Sadly bringing into sharp relief the sad fact that the protest oriented "biker" gangs are not cooperating well with the equally rebellious "enunciation" gangs.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

2.14- Valentine's Day

"it's for old people who don't express thier love except for one day a year"

-Kelly, the president of one of the TAMS clubs, when asked what she thought about Valentine's Day.

2.14- around McConnell

"you are not a Velociraptor, you are more of a Triceratops"

-TAMS students getting saucy with each other.

Friday, February 10, 2006

2.10- front desk

"want some chicken tea?"

-Kate asking me to participate in some sort of ethnic libation that I was not at all prepared for. Turns out "Chicken Express' " sweet tea is very good, and unfortuantly its name is too long to say and misleadingly gets shortened to "chicken".

Thursday, February 09, 2006

2.9- e-instruction

"So, what happened with your latte?”

-Brad’s generation defining first words upon answering his cell-phone.

sent in by Brian Daskum from Denton tx.
Thanks Brian
-the quote farm

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

2.8 - Starbucks

"which would mean something if I was photosynthetic"
-on being told that wheat grass has the most amount chlorophyll of any food.

"I think it also cures you from dying"
-Nicole on the many curative benifits of wheat grass, which there apparently are MANY!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

2.7- lobby of McConnell

"all we are missing is a sorceress"

-a group of "fantasy gaming"tams students trying to put together a game of some sort, who apparently were shocked at their bachelor status.

Monday, February 06, 2006

2.6 Natural Bridge Caverns

"it's a cave."

-staff member responding to the statement..."It's really dark in there" during a field trip with a group of TAMS students, the smartest kids in all of Texas, on a field trip to Natural Bridge Caverns.
It is encounters like this during my year here that I have realized that high SAT scores do not nessesarily a genius make.

Friday, February 03, 2006

2.3 The Haircut

Are you starting a boy band? -not the encouraging reaction I was hoping for, but I quickly found out that it was just the beginning of this trend.

You are now totally Metro -this is not going well at all

You were the only man I liked with long hair. - quite a complement from this lady

Did you get your nails done too -continuing the Metro theme

You look more Anglo now. -I have no idea what ethnicity I was favoring before

You look 10 years younger -I either look 17 or I used to look almost 40

Did you get your hair cut- More times than I can count. I must remember to never say this statement again.

I’ll have to get used to it- not as encouraging a statement as she was hoping for

You got your hair cut -a statement that confuses me. Either they don't like it and are waiting for me to give an indication on to how I feel so they can feel the same way, or they need to make outragiously obvious statements.

Did you discuss this with your wife- I guess hoping she would have talked me out of it?

".............." -by a staff member who walked right by me not recognizing me

What made you do it -I should have anticipated this question and come up with a more interesting answer

Did you loose a bet? -obviously the only respectible reason someone would do this

At least you donated your hair -I always appreciate someone looking for the positive side of things

You look nice now -"now" being the operative word

Your hair had lost its pizzaz -I wanted to end on an encouraging note

-all said to me sometime throughout the day that I got my hair cut more than 10".

2.3 - gas pump

"Thursday Night...on a bike!! Thursday Night...On a bike!!....Thursday Night...on a bike...."

- a group of bicycle protesters that were circling me while I was pumping gas. This was appearently a protest/demonstration against car usage; while I am mostly sympathetic to their cause, their message seemed like a demonstration of day timer prowess.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2.1- at the dentist

" bring the stretcher"

-said the dentist working on me, to which I gave a VERY concerned "uuummhung?" He took the comment back and rephrased it, "bring me the crown stretcher".

"dentists are like the boogie man for grown ups"

-Connor agreeing with me about my irrational fear of the dentist